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We supply the right FR pants with the right fit and fabric for all types of jobs. Let us help you stay safe and feel comfortable in flame resistant pants and jeans with the safety requirements you need.

People whose day-to-day job comes with the hazard of their clothing igniting should always wear flame-resistant clothing. FR pants, and FR clothing in general saves lives and prevents injuries from burns.

The majority of serious burns from industrial accidents are the result of a worker’s clothing catching fire and burning off of his or her body. In fact, thousands of these types of clothing-related injuries caused by fire occur each year. All of which could be prevented with the right type of clothing.

Severe burns aren’t usually caused by the accident itself, they’re the secondary result of the worker’s clothing catching fire. FR clothing will not ignite or continue to burn after a workplace accident causes them to be exposed to fire.

You don’t necessarily have to get the most protective clothing to properly shield yourself from workplace hazards, even single-layer FR work clothing can significantly protect you on the  job. In all cases it’s always best to do your own assessment to determine your own individual workplace risks.

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