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FR jackets need to be appropriate for both weather and work-related conditions. Below you will find a wide variety of outerwear built for your needs. Whether you need a lightweight jacket or vest that offers medium protection, to a heavyweight jacket that offers maximum protection for the most extreme conditions, you can find it all here.

We understand that discerning customers look for comfort and protection, but also don’t want to skimp on style. Our FR jackets are available in multiple styles from you to choose from. Carhartt jackets are available in their traditional canvas-blend of cotton and high-tenacity nylon or 100% cotton FR duck, while CoolTouch offers trendier bomber-style jackets. Bulwark also offers FR sweatshirts and hoodies if you only need something for very light conditions.

We believe it’s essential you have the protection you need along with the comfort you want, so we make every effort to keep our selection fully stocked. Look below and choose from our large variety of outerwear. Feel confident in your selection knowing that you’ll be protected from flash fires and electric arc while on the job with select jackets that meet NFPA 70 E and HRC 1 to 4  standards.
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