About us

FR Clothing for Hard-Working People

Feury Safety, a Feury Image Group Company, aims to be your single resource for all your Flame Resistant clothing needs. From FR shirts and pants to hi viz, outerwear and boots, we’ve got you covered (literally). Offering you the best brands at the best prices aligns with our commitment to quality and customer service.


Questions and Feedback

Feury Safety understands the requirements as well as the preferences of the women and men whose jobs require flame resistant and high visibility clothing. The combination of our strong product offering, our knowledge of current NFPA and OSHA regulations and our superior customer service ensures satisfaction all around. For questions, comments, or assistance, please contact us at 877-66-FEURY.


Shipments & Returns

Shipping costs include packing and handling fees as well as postage and tax. Handling fees are fixed, while transport fees vary according to the total weight of the shipment; therefore we advise grouping your items into a single order. For more information regarding your particular order, please contact our Customer Service Team at 877-66-FEURY.