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High visibility fr clothing offers the best protection you can have. Being visible in situations such as vehicular traffic, road construction, utility work and emergency response is paramount. Adhering to the ANSI/ISEA 107 standard, our high visibility fr clothing provides additional safety in times of low or limited visibility.

Think of FR clothing as insurance in the unlikely event of a flash fire or electric arc flash or other unforseen mishap. With FR work clothing you’re safe and protected with a garment that reduces burn injury, provides escape time, and increases chances of survival. That’s right, FR clothing has been known to save lives.

Not all injuries are preventable — a person caught in a flash fire or electric arc will likely sustain some injuries, but FR clothing can dramatically reduce the severity of those injuries. That’s key, because burn injury treatment is often said to be worse than the burn itself.

Treatment and recovery, in addition to being extremely painful, can take months if not years. During that time, burn victims can be severely debilitated and/or permanently disabled. A survivor’s quality of life can be seriously hindered by the extent and severity of burn injury.

FR clothing not only increases the chances of survival, but can significantly enhance the quality of life after the injury.
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